Speed Lovers, Aston Martin DBS Is For You

Aston Martin DBS is a synonym for high performance. This car houses 5935 cc V12 engine that has been a part of DBR racing cars version (of course with lots of modifications) and each cylinder has four vales. Talking about horsepower, this engine gives 510 hp at 6500 rpm. To add to this is 570 N-m of torque and compression ratio is 10:9:1. There is an active bypass valve too, which opens above 5500 rpm in order to let additional air into the engine so that this car can deliver a speed of 0-62 mph in the matter of just 4.3 seconds!
With TOUCHTRONIC 2 transmission this speed 183 mph. But there is still something more to this. The maximum speed of DBS is 191 mph! This monster has gone on Top Gear test track and the lap time recorded was 1:23:9 seconds. So, you can get an idea of what you would be driving and what it would be giving.

This car also offers you VH structure that imparts rigidity and strength needed to give enhanced responsiveness and handling. The reason behind such smooth handling is 85 percent weight of DBS being between the wheelbase. Another feature is Adaptive Damping System that helps in coping with weather/road conditions and the desires of the driver, by altering the suspension.

One thing sure to catch your attention is 20″ aluminium wheels that are lightweight and the Pirelli P-Zero tyres. All this has been done to make sure that the weight of car can be kept under control for better performance. Carbon fibre that has been used extensively in this car is also because of the same reason. Door opening surrounds, boot, bonnet, carpet as well as front wings are all carved out of carbon fibre. The door and roof has been made of aluminium. All this contributes to a decrease of 30 kg in weight when compared to regular DB9.

The interiors of this car offer alcantara leather, carbon fibre, aluminium, stainless steel and wood combinations. The sound system gives out an enormous 1000 watt an there are 13 speakers in all, put at ten locations, which take you directly to a live experience. There is an integrated iPod connector for those who wish to add Apple to DBS. There is no escaping the fact that this car offers one of the top class features and great speed in such a lightweight bundle.

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